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Mysus (Ancient Greek: Μυσός) was the brother of Car and Lydus in Greek mythology according to Herodotus.[1]


  1. ^ Smith, p. 607. CAR (Kap), a son of Phoroneus, and king of Megara, from whom the acropolis of this town de rived its name Caria. (Paus. i. 39. § 4, 40. § 5.) His tomb was shewn as late as the time of Pausa- nias, on the road from Megara to Corinth, (i. 44. § 9.) Another mythical personage of the name of Car, who was a brother of Lydus and Mysus, and was regarded as the ancestral hero of the Carians, is mentioned by Herodotus, (i. 171.) [L. S.]