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N.K.S.T stands for the "Nongu u Kristu u i Ser u sha Tar," translated "Universal Reformed Christian Church," a Christian Reformed church based in [Nigeria].NKST envisions, by the grace of God, to be a multiethnic Christian community drawn from all nations and cultures of the world and united in the doctrine of Jesus Christ and purpose so as to offer holistic service with available resources to reach the unreached. NKST exists to glorify God through worship and proclamation of the Good News of Salvation to all humanity, and observation of the sacraments as instituted by Jesus Christ, to strengthen the communion of the Saints, to responsibly teach believers and instill self-discipline. The church has its headquarters at Mkar-Gboko in Benue state but has spread all over Nigeria, and even beyond. The members are predominantly the [Tiv language,Tiv] speaking tribe but other tribes in Nigeria belong to this church. It was first introduced in Sai on 17 April 1911 a village benue


Also, NKST stands for Nongo u Kristi u i Ser u sha Tar. From 1957 to July 2014, it did stand for Nongo u Kristu u ken Sudan hen Tiv. A reference to the use of Sudan for the middle part of Africa.

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