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Screenshot of from August 2018
Type of site
Owner Chris Bergin
Created by Chris Bergin
Alexa rank Decrease 52,112 (September 2018)[1]
Commercial Yes
Launched 6 May 2004
Current status Online is a news website and forum covering manned and unmanned spaceflight news. The site focuses on the engineering aspects of spaceflight. has had stories picked up by news organizations such as MSNBC,[2] USA Today,[3] The New York Times,[4] and Popular Science.[5] It is run by owner and managing editor Chris Bergin.


The site was conceived from an idea between Chris Bergin and three NASA and United Space Alliance managers, who wanted to see a news media site cover space flight (specifically Shuttle, VSE and NASA) from an engineering standpoint, concentrating on breaking news and documentation that involved the communication between the engineers and managers and the general public who were interested.

The website went online in the summer of 2005, just before the first "Return to Flight" Space Shuttle mission (STS-114) following the Space Shuttle Columbia disaster. It soon expanded its coverage from NASA to all manned and unmanned spaceflight, by commercial providers as well as international space agencies. now has a team of 20 writers and web developers.[citation needed]

L2 Database[edit]

L2 is a subscription database of documentation, graphics, data, information and video that, as of July 2009, is over 5.5 terabytes large. Unique information such as internal NASA memos, Flight Readiness Review documents, and ISS status reports are added daily.[6]


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