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Developer RELEX Group
License commercial
Official website [1]

Data Marts Builder NEVOD a product of RELEX Group, created in 1996.


DMB NEVOD - object-oriented repository with possibility of search and analysis of structured information (Ad hoc inquiries and semantic net visualization). It is used mainly by security services of commercial organisations and divisions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation. For ten consecutive years DMB NEVOD has been presented at the international tradeshow of computer technologies "SofTool", at the RELEX Group exposition.[1]

Technical Characteristics of NEVOD DMB[edit]

Parameter Value
Maximum number of accounted object types 65000
Maximum number of objects 1 000 000 000
Maximum number of single-valued attributes for an object 124
Maximum number of many-valued attributes for an object 65000
Maximum number of values in a many-valued attribute 1 000 000 000
Maximum number of users 65000
Possible attribute types Text (up to 512 Unicode characters)
Dictionary value (up to 512 Unicode characters)
Floating-point real number
Fixed-point real number
Attribute group
Object reference
Multimedia (up to 2 Gb)
Maximum number of dictionaries 32000
Dictionary views Linear list
Synonym tree
Hierarchic dictionary
Types of conditions imposed on attributes and used in queries Equal
Not equal
More or equal
Less or equal
According to the hierarchic dictionary
Begin with
End with
Types of conditions imposed on connections and used in queries Use connection type
Mandatory connection
Implied connection
Types of logical operations connecting the conditions imposed on attributes AND, OR, NOT
Maximum number of conditions in a query 32000
Maximum number of queries stored 65000
Maximum number of query results stored 65000
Maximum number of input/output forms stored 65000
Maximum number of connection charts stored 65000
Maximum number of statistic reports stored 65000
Maximum number of XSL reports stored 65000
Maximum number of servers for executing a query 4000
Maximum number of identification rules 65000
Import/export format XML


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