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The NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement (NHS Institute) was a special health authority of the National Health Service in England. It supported "the NHS to transform healthcare for patients and the public by rapidly developing and spreading new ways of working, new technology and world-class leadership".

Its priority programmes were originally stated as:

  • Safer care
  • Quality and value
  • Building capability
  • Commissioning
  • No delays
  • The productive series
  • Share and network

In its 2008/2009 work plan these have been restated as:[1]

  • Safer care
  • Delivering quality and value
  • Commissioning for health improvement
  • iLinks
  • Building capability for a self-improving NHS
  • Exploiting innovation - National Innovation Centre

The NHS Institute published papers on its research. These are not, however, publicly available without payment.

It closed in March 2013.[2]

NHS National Innovation Centre[edit]

The National Innovation Centre is part of the NHS Institute. Its aim is "to speed up the development of pre-commercial technologies likely to benefit the NHS".[3] It invites proposals for commercial or other innovation which may benefit the NHS and provides support to develop these where appropriate in today's climate.

Innovation hubs[edit]

The NHS network of regional NHS Innovation Hubs have been set up to support NHS funded organisations to identify and develop innovations that are in the interests of patients and society as a whole. They do this through the activities and services of the network and by adoption of the Department of Health (United Kingdom) Guidance. The Innovation Hubs offer legal and commercial support to NHS staff who have a pre-market product.

The NHS Innovation Hub Network work to fulfill the following functions:

  • To build IP awareness in the Trusts
  • To find and evaluate IP for the Trusts
  • To protect and manage IP for the Trusts
  • To assist and fund technology development
  • To commercialise technology and products
  • To facilitate the dissemination of service improvements

The NHS Innovation Hub network in England consist of the following organisations:[4]


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