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NIGHT is an art/fashion/music/literature/nightlife periodical co-edited by Anton Perich and Robert Henry Rubin. Established in Manhattan, New York, in 1978 the magazine was created during the punk-new wave-disco nightclub era of among others; Studio 54, Xenon, Club A, Regine's, The Continental, Hurrah's, Danceteria, and the Mudd Club. Today the magazine continues to focus on the beautiful, the exclusive, the intelligent and the controversial. Among the contributors have been; Charles Plymell, Helmut Newton. Taylor Mead, Victor Bockris, Lee Klein, Charles Henri Ford and countless others.[1][2] At the dawn of her writing career Sex in the City author Candace Bushnell wrote for NIGHT,[3] stating... " “I wrote for this paper called Night Magazine, which was mainly just a bunch of pictures of people at Studio 54. I would do little interviews and profiles.”...


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