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NKVD screening and filtration camps (Russian: Проверочно-фильтрационные лагеря НКВД СССР), originally known as NKVD special-purpose camps / NKVD special camps (Russian: лагеря специального назначения НКВД СССР, спецлагеря НКВД), were camps for the screening of the Soviet soldiers returned from enemy imprisonment or encirclement. By the end of World War II they handled screening of all people from the Soviet territories occupied by Nazi Germany.[1] The NKVD special-purpose camps were established by NKVD Order No. 001735 of December 28, 1941, titled "О создании специальных лагерей для бывших военнослужащих Красной Армии, находившихся в плену и в окружении противника" ("On the establishment of special camps for former soldiers of the Red Army who were in captivity, or were surrounded by the enemy").[2] By NKVD Order No. 00100 of February 20, 1945, they were renamed to "проверочно-фильтрационные лагеря" ("verification and filtration camps").[1][3]

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