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NORPAC is a bipartisan, multi-candidate political action committee (PAC) working to strengthen the United StatesIsrael relationship. Its activities include fundraising for Senators and Members of the United States Congress who support this relationship, regular emails regarding the situation in the Middle East, and the annual Mission to Washington.

Organization leadership[edit]

National Officers

Founding Chairman Rabbi M. Genack
Chairman Emeritus David Schlussel
President Dr. Ben Chouake
Vice-President Dr. Mort Fridman
Vice-President Jerry Gontownik
Vice-President Robert Gottesman
Vice-President Drew Parker
Treasurer Kevin Lemmer
Director of Membership, Mission to Washington Coordinator Joel Davidson

Regional Officers

President, Riverdale chapter Josh Landes
Vice-President, Riverdale chapter Jeff Daube
President, Edison chapter Jeff Weinstein
Vice-President, Edison chapter Harry Bernstein
President, NY chapter Jason Muss

Supported issues[edit]

Each year, before its annual Mission to Washington, NORPAC selects 5 issues or bills it will discuss that year. Currently, NORPAC supports:

  1. Foreign Aid to Israel
  2. IFSA, the Iran Freedom Support Act (H.R.282/S.333), which imposes sanctions on Iran in response to nuclear activity.
  3. USIECA, the US-Israel Energy Cooperation Act (H.R.2730/S.1862), which supports joint alternative energy research.
  4. PATA, the Palestinian Anti-Terror Act (H.R.4861/S.2370), which restricts aid to the Hamas-dominated Palestinian Authority (while still allowing humanitarian aid) unless certain actions opposing terror are taken.
  5. The Saudi Arabia Accountability Act (H.R.2037/S.1171), which imposes sanctions on Saudi Arabia unless it clearly shuts down terrorist organizations within the country and ends support for such organizations outside the country.


Mission to Washington[edit]

Each year, NORPAC sends an ever-larger group of active members to meet with Senators and Members of Congress to discuss the U.S.-Israel relationship. The most recent mission, on May 20, 2009, brought approximately 900 participants to meet with more than four hundred Senators and Members of Congress.

This year's trip showed a dramatic increase in the number of participants then past years, and participation has been consistently increasing.

Political fundraising[edit]

NORPAC frequently hosts fundraisers for various political candidates who are supportive of the U.S.-Israel relationship. It is the largest donor of New Jersey Junior Senator Eliot Engel, who receives three times that of their next largest recipient. Other politicians who received large donations include senior Kentucky Senator and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Illinois Senator Mark Kirk.[1]

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