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NPower is a national nonprofit organization that provides IT services to nonprofits and other organizations through a range of programs. It also provides IT training to young adults in the metropolitan New York City area.

NPower is supported by grants from a range of companies and foundations as well as through its own revenue-producing programs.[1]

Established in New York in 2001, NPower began as an affiliate of the NPower organization founded in Seattle in 1998.[2] (That organization is now known as NPower Northwest and assists nonprofits in Washington and Oregon.)


Local NPower branches host an array of different initiatives, but the organization as a whole has four key programs:

The Community Corps matches volunteers with IT skills to nonprofits in need of support.

The IT Basic program offers organizations a wide range of basic technology services. The program produces revenue for NPower, but also serves to employ a large number of graduates from NPower's IT training program.

FoundationConnect is a cloud-hosted software platform that organizations can use to manage their grant making programs. It is a leader in this area, used by prominent foundations including the Open Society Foundations.[3]

Its New York City-based Technology Service Corps (TSC) provides IT training to young adults that lack previous professional training or skills. Since its inception in 2002, students have on average seen their earnings more than double after completing the 22-week course.[4] The program was cited by the U.S. Jobs Council in 2012 as an example of a successful program for displaced workers and underserved populations.[5]


Several of the IT industry’s leading professionals are involved in NPower.[6] The board of directors includes Chairman Christopher A. Wearing (managing director at JPMorgan Chase), Vice Chair Guy Chiarello (CIO at JPMorgan Chase), Treasurer Michele Trogni (Group Chief Information Officer at UBS), and Secretary Daniel P. Petrozzo (Global Head of Investment Management Technology at Goldman Sachs).

The current CEO is Stephanie A. Cuskley, previously managing director in Investment Banking at JPMorgan Chase.[7]


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