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nQuery Sample Size Software
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nQuery Advanced 8.2
TypeSample Size Statistical Power Calculation Statistical Hypothesis Testing

nQuery Sample Size Software is statistical software used to calculate Sample size and Statistical power. It is most commonly used by Biostatisticians to determine how many people are needed to enroll into a Clinical trial.

nQuery is proprietary software developed and distributed by Statsols. nQuery includes calculations for close to 1000 sample size and power scenarios.

nQuery history[edit]

Janet Dixon Elashoff is a now-retired American statistician and daughter of the mathematician and statistician Wilfrid Joseph Dixon, creator of BMDP. J. Elashoff is also the retired Director of the Division of Biostatistics, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. While at UCLA and Cedars-Sinai during the 1990s, she wrote the program nQuery Sample Size Software (then known as nQuery Advisor). This quickly became widely used to estimate the sample size requirements for pharmaceutical testing and she joined the company Statistical Solutions LLC to commercialize it.[1]

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nQuery featured in scientific journals[edit]

Through many iterations, nQuery Sample Size Software remains widely used in the pharmaceutical industry for the purpose of calculating sample size and for the determination of power for clinical trials. The US National Institutes of Health Library lists over 895 published studies that used nQuery for sample size calculation that are freely available to the public to view.[2] Other public directories available for further research include Google Scholar where there are over 6,000 scientific studies that feature nQuery available to the public for scientific research.[3]

Frequentist and Bayesian statistics[edit]

nQuery Sample Size Software allows researchers to apply both frequentist and Bayesian statistics to calculate desired sample size.[4]


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