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For the Turkish channel, see Hayat TV (Turkey).
Hayat TV
Type Broadcast Television Network
Country Bosnia and Herzegovina
Availability Worldwide Exclusively on BosnaTV IPTV
Launch date
24 February 1992
Official website
Hayat TV website

Hayat TV is a television station from Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. The word, "Hayat", means "life" in Arabic.

It is a privately owned TV station, which started airing on 24 February 1992. Its coverage is over 1.5 million people in Bosnia, numerous cable subscribers in the neighbouring countries, and satellite viewers. In the beginning of 2009 Hayat TV opened its new headquarters in Vogošća, suburb of Sarajevo.

Hayat now consists of a "Hayat" channel for the Bosnia region and also a Hayat Plus channel for its diaspora. In early 2012 the channel opened two new music channels, Hayat Folk to cater for Bosnian folk music, and Hayat Music to cater for 50% English music, and 50% local pop music. Hayat Music became the first channel in Bosnia to be transmitted in widescreen, 16:9 ratio. In 2014, Hayat opened first bosnian channel for kids named Hayatovci. Hayat's logo bears resemblance to American TV network NBC's distinct peacock logo. Hayat, along with ATV, 2011. founded Program Plus, part of the joint program that two televisions.

All 5 Hayat's channels transmits in Europe through EutelSat16 satellite and various cable operators. The station also broadcasts all 5 of its channels worldwide exclusively on the BosnaTV IPTV platform - Hayat, Hayat Plus, Hayat Folk, Hayat Music and Hayatovci.

Availability in Bosnia and Herzegovina[edit]


yellow - cable and iptv systems orange - terrestrial


A Hayat TV reporter outside the burning Government Building of Tuzla Canton

Telenovelas / Series since 10th April 2017[edit]

Original name Bosnian translation Origin Origin release
Kaderimin Yazıldığı Gün Sudbina Turkey 2014-2015
Karagül Crna ruža Turkey 2013-2016
La Gata Divlja mačka Mexico 2014
Murdoch Mysteries Murdochove misterije Canada 2008-present
CSI: Miami CSI: Miami United StatesCanada 2002-2012
Andrija i Anđelka Andrija i Anđelka Serbia 2015-2016
Naša mala klinika Naša mala klinika Croatia 2004-2007
Downton Abbey Downton Abbey United Kingdom 2010-2015
Studio 4 Studio 4 Bosnia and Herzegovina 2015

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