NWA Canadian Heavyweight Championship (Halifax version)

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The Halifax version of the NWA Canadian Heavyweight Championship was first defended in the Eastern Sports Association only in 1977, the year the promotion closed. The title was imported from George Cannon's 'Canadian Wrestling' based in Ontario.

In late 2012, Atlantic Canadian Championship Wrestling and the National Wrestling Alliance formed a partnership to create NWA Atlantic Canada. The NWA Canadian Heavyweight Championship (Halifax/Maritimes) will be used as the company's top championship. An eight-man tournament was held beginning in March 2013 to crown the first NWA Canadian Heavyweight Champion (Halifax/Maritimes) since 1977. On April 5, 2013, JB Havoc won the NWA Canadian Heavyweight title in a record setting 29 seconds, which is credited with being the quickest title match in the history of the National Wrestling Alliance.[1]


No. Overall reign number
Reign Reign number for the specific champion
Days Number of days held
No. Champion Championship change Reign statistics Notes Ref.
Date Event Location Reign Days
 1  Luis Martinez  April 30, 1977 (NLT)  ESA show N/A  1  N/A  Arrived as champion (Ontario?)  
 2  Sailor White  May 18, 1977  ESA show Halifax, NS  1  31    
 3  Stonewall Jackson  June 18, 1977  ESA show New Glasgow, NS  1  28    
 4  Don Fargo  July 16, 1977  ESA show New Glasgow, NS  1  11    
 5  Terry Sawyer  July 27, 1977  ESA show Halifax, NS  1  13    
 6  David Schultz  August 9, 1977  ESA show Halifax, NS  1  1    
 7  Terry Sawyer  August 10, 1977  ESA show Halifax, NS  2  3    
 8  David Schultz  August 13, 1977  ESA show New Glasgow, NS  2  N/A    
Deactivated  1977 N/A  Promotion closed  
 9  JB Havoc  April 5, 2013  ESA show Spryfield, NS  1  N/A  Defeats Jaxon Furey in tournament final when the title is revived by NWA Atlantic Canada [2]


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