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The NWA Florida Women's Championship was a women's professional wrestling title in Championship Wrestling from Florida, which lasted originally from 1951 to at least 1971. The title was shortly revived by NWA Florida in 2003.[1][2]

Title history[edit]

Wrestler: Times: Date: Location: Notes:
Mae Young 1 October 15, 1951 Tampa, Florida Defeated Cora Combs to become the first champion.
The title was vacated in 1952.
Ann LaVerne 1 March 10, 1952 Tampa, Florida Defeated Betty Hawkins.
Betty Hawkins 1 July 1952 Tampa, Florida
Mars Bennett 1 February 9, 1953 Tampa, Florida
Gloria Barattini 1 March 2, 1953 Tampa, Florida Last eliminated Bennett in a six-woman battle royal.
Betty Hawkins 2 September 28, 1953 Tampa, Florida
Dot Dotson 1 October 12, 1953 Tampa, Florida
Betty Hawkins 3 November 16, 1953 Tampa, Florida
The title was later vacated.
Gloria Barattini 2 March 7, 1955 Tampa, Florida Barratini was awarded the title, which she held until at least October 1956.
June Byers 1 December 1960 N/A Records are unclear as to how Byers won the title.
Sherri Lee 1 June 1969 N/A Records are unclear as to how Lee won the title.
Ella Waldek 1 February 1971 Records are unclear as to how Waldek won the title.
Bonnie Watson 1 June 19, 1971 St. Petersburg, Florida
The title was later abandoned in late 1974. In 2009 WWE's Farm Promotion Florida Championship Wrestling Created the Florida Diva's Championship claiming that it came from the NWA Florida Womens Championship.[citation needed]


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