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Formation 1949
Type Non-Profit
Legal status 501(c)(3)
Purpose Human Services/Developmental Disabilities
Headquarters Delmar, NY
Region served
New York State
30,000 (est.)[1]
Website www.nysarc.org

NYSARC, Inc. is the largest organization serving people with developmental disabilities.[citation needed] A non-profit, NYSARC serves over 60,000 people with intellectual and other developmental disabilities through its 55 chapters in New York state. NYSARC is an affiliated member of Arc of the United States.


In 1949, two Bronx mothers placed an advertisement in the New York Post with an interest in establishing a day nursery for their young children.[2] Over 200 New York City parents responded and banded together to fight for the recognition of their children's special needs and capabilities.

A committee was appointed to draft a constitution for a new, single organization. NYSARC, Inc. was formally incorporated in February 1949.

In March of the same year, new committees were formed to address specific issues such as education, legal affairs, fundraising, and public relations. That same month, the Organization published the first issue of "Our Children's Voice" which later became "Our Voice Today." It was designed to communicate with other parents and families.

The NYSARC, Inc. model has since served as a unique and effective organizational model that has been duplicated across the nation. In the years since its founding, the Organization has grown rapidly as a service provider and advocacy organization.

The NYSARC Inc, partners with Camp Loyal Town, Advantage Care Diagnostic and Treatment Center, Brookville Center for Children's Services, the AHRC Foundation and Fay J. Linder Center for Autism and Developmental Disabilities.


NYSARC, Inc.'s mission is to improve the quality of life for persons with intellectual and other developmental disabilities by:

  • Being the preferred place for support, information, direction, and services for persons with intellectual and other developmental disabilities;
  • Having the best in service delivery;
  • Speaking with one clear voice in all matters;
  • Becoming a learning organization by building training and educational opportunities into all aspects of NYSARC, Inc. operations.


Central Region

Northeast Region

Southeast Region

Western Region


NYSARC, Inc's 55 chapters provide a variety of services, including:

  • Advocacy

Support offered on behalf of a family or individual.

  • Children's Services

Services from birth through school age including diagnosis, evaluation, treatment, and education.

  • Clinic

Clinical services and/or primary health care.

  • Day Service

Activities that combine diagnostic, therapeutic, rehabilitative, pre-vocational, vocational, and employment services.

Planning alternative granting of legal authority.

  • Recreation

Day, evening, weekend, or overnight programs that provide leisure and social activities.

  • Residential

Support services to enable living as independently as possible in the community.

  • Support

Assistance in accessing needed services, programs and supports.

  • Waiver

A flexible group of supports and services.

Trust services[edit]

NYSARC, Inc. currently offers 3 types of trust programs:

  • The NYSARC Trust

The NYSARC Trust consists of two active funds. The Unrestricted Fund allows parents, relatives, and friends to leave large sums of money or property to help a person with a developmental disability. Funds can be transferred during the Grantor's life or at death. The Exempt Fund primarily benefits and supports the NYSARC, Inc. Corporate Guardianship Program.

  • The NYSARC Community Trusts

The Community Trusts are pooled trusts which qualify as Supplemental Needs Trusts for people with disabilities as described under Social Security Law Section 1614(a)(3)[42 USC 1382c(a)(3)]. They are funded with the personal assets of the person with disabilities.

Community Trust II is designed for individuals who have monthly income in excess of the Medicaid qualification levels.

Community Trust I and III are primarily for individuals receiving government benefits, like Supplemental Security Income or Medicaid. Community Trust III is solely for individuals with a large sum greater than $250,000.

  • NYSARC Individual Trust

The NYSARC, Inc. Individual Trust offers both Trustee and administrative services for first- and third-party Supplemental Needs Trusts. Like the Community Trusts, the Individual Trust is open to people who have any disabilities listed under Security Law Section 1614(a)(3)[42 USC 1382c(a)(3)].


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