Na Khu District

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Na Khu
Amphoe location in Kalasin Province
Amphoe location in Kalasin Province
Coordinates: 16°46′48″N 104°1′54″E / 16.78000°N 104.03167°E / 16.78000; 104.03167Coordinates: 16°46′48″N 104°1′54″E / 16.78000°N 104.03167°E / 16.78000; 104.03167
SeatNa Khu
 • Total203.0925 km2 (78.4145 sq mi)
Population (2005)
 • Total31,510
 • Density211.2/km2 (547/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+7 (ICT)
Postal code46160

Na Khu (Thai: นาคู, pronounced [nāː kʰūː]) is a district (amphoe) in the eastern part of Kalasin Province, northeastern Thailand.


Neighboring districts are (from the south clockwise) Khao Wong, Kuchinarai, and Huai Phueng of Kalasin Province, Phu Phan and Tao Ngoi of Sakon Nakhon Province, and Dong Luang of Mukdahan Province.


The minor district (king amphoe) was created on 1 April 1995, when it was split off from Khao Wong.[1]

On 15 May 2007, all 81 minor districts were upgraded to full districts.[2] With publication in the Royal Gazette on 24 August, the upgrade became official.[3]


The district is divided into five sub-districts (tambon), which are further subdivided into 54 villages (muban). Na Khu is a township (thesaban tambon) which covers parts of tambon Na Khu. There are a further five tambon administrative organizations (TAO).

No. Name Thai name Villages Pop.
1. Na Khu นาคู 13 9,799
2. Sai Na Wang สายนาวัง 8 4,117
3. Non Na Chan โนนนาจาน 9 4,747
4. Bo Kaeo บ่อแก้ว 14 8,780
5. Phu Laen Chang ภูแล่นช้าง 10 4,067


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