Nabe Matsumura

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Nabe Matsumura
Okinawa, Ryukyu Kingdom
Died1930 (aged 69-70)
Okinawa, Japan
Teacher(s)Matsumura Sōkon
Notable studentsHohan Sōken

Nabe Matsumura (松村ナビータンメー, Matsumura Nabetanme, 1860 - 1930), was an Okinawan martial arts master who helped to continue the Matsumura family style of Shōrin-ryū karate-do.


Nabe Mastsumura, born 1860, was the grandson of Matsumura Sōkon, who founded the Shōrin-ryū style of karate. Being related to Sōkon meant that Nabe was privileged to extremely thorough training from his grandfather in the family's style, as well as the secret White Crane system that was only taught to immediate family members.[1]

In his martial arts career as a sensei, Nabe had only one student: his nephew, Hohan Sōken. Upon his death in 1930, he passed his Menkyo Kaiden to Hohan Sōken, who continued the Matsumura family tradition by solidifying the Shōrin-ryū style of Matsumura Seito karate-do.[2]


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