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Nabeya Bi-tech Kaisha

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Nabeya Bi-tech Kaisha
Limited Liability Company
Industry Machinery, metal
Founded 1560
Founder Taro-Uemon-i Okamoto
Headquarters Seki, Gifu, Japan
Key people
Mitsuo Kaneda (President and CEO)
Products Components for machinery
Revenue JPY 8 billion (Total of group)
Number of employees
410 (Total of group)

Nabeya Bi-tech Kaisha (鍋屋バイテック), also known as NBK, is a machine component parts manufacturer located in Seki, Gifu, Japan.


NBK was incorporated by Tomokichi Okamoto in 1940.

Head office and factory

NBK’s head office and main factory, NBK Seki Plant, are located in Seki city, Gifu prefecture. The former President, Taichi Okamoto, wanted the site to be a “garden factory” so it is surrounded by a swimming pool, art museum, bar, sports gym, concert hall and training and conference rooms.

Okamoto believed that management concepts such as management by objectives and pay for performance were contrary to the maximization of creativity and productivity, therefore all employees are not bound by any revenue goals and are allowed to act freely.

In 2007, Okamoto resigned his position as President and became the Chairman of NBK. Mitsuo Kaneda was appointed as his successor. Kaneda is the first ever non-Okamoto family member that has been appointed President since the company was established in 1560.

Sushi bar concept

NBK adopted what it calls the “sushi bar concept” for the manufacturing of its products. Like a chef at a sushi bar, NBK produces its products one by one as they are ordered by its customers in order to provide them with exactly what they need, a just in time strategy. It aims to deliver products overnight to any customer in Japan.

Group companies

  • NBK Zimmer Limited
  • Nabeya Shoten Limited
  • NBK Trading Limited
  • PT. Himalaya Nabeya Indonesia
  • NBK Marketing Limited

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