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Nacho Barahona (born in Madrid) is a Spanish film editor with over 225 TV series episodes, 14 short films, numerous advertisements and 3 documentaries to his credit, as well as 8 nominations and awards in film-making.


Barahona received a bachelor degree in software engineering, at Madrid's Polytechnic University. He went to work as computer programmer and systems analyst in videogames, telecommunications and banking for large companies.

Attracted by the huge development of graphical applications and CAD, a career change resulted in training first as an advertisement graphic designer and graphic designer for multi-media platforms, interactive sites and virtual simulators, working with various Spanish universities.

In 1996, Barahona learned more about using Avid as a non-linear editing tool, and redirected his professional career towards editing in the world of advertising, collaborating with production companies such as 'Molinare', 'Dalton's Digital Brothers', 'Videospot', 'Full Fiction', 'Escosura', 'Videoreport', 'Propaganda Moviebox', 'Viva Video', 'Alaska Producciones', 'Genlock videoproducciones', 'Exa', '101', 'Telson', 'Resonancia Madrid', 'Com 4 hd' or 'Iconica'.

In 1998, he came into contact with TV fiction through the production company Globomedia (market leader in South America and second in Europe), and developed his career as a cinematographic editor, working on several of the most successful primetime Spanish TV series such as '7 vidas (Telecinco)', 'Javier ya no vive solo' (Telecinco), 'Los Serrano' (Telecinco), 'Compañeros (Antena 3)' and 'Policías, en el corazón de la calle' (Antena 3).

In 2004 he was signed up with the production company Videomedia to work on 'Lobos' (Antena 3) and 'Hospital Central' (Telecinco). After three successful seasons, in December, 2005 he was signed up with the production company Sony Pictures Television International to work on 'Los Simuladores', Spanish remake of the successful Argentine serie for channel Cuatro.



Year TV Serie Network Seasons Episodes
1998-2000 Compañeros Antena 3 5 56
1999-1999 7 Vidas Telecinco 1 13
2000-2001 Policías, en el corazón de la calle Antena 3 5 55
2001-2003 Javier ya no vive solo Telecinco 2 27
2003-2004 Los Serrano Telecinco 4 51
2004-2005 Lobos Antena 3 1 3
2005-2006 Hospital Central Telecinco 2 9
2006-2007 Los Simuladores Cuatro 1 11

Short films[edit]

Year Feature Director
2003 Stand by Hugo Stuven Casasnovas
2003 Perro Manuel Feijóo
2001 Hilo de melancolía Hugo Stuven Casasnovas
2001 Calor de agosto Ricardo Alvarez Solla
2001 Cachito mío Manuel Feijóo
2000 Quieres jugar? Arturo Iglesias
2000 La foto Ricardo Alvarez Solla
1999 Sonidos en silencio Enrique Sotomayor
1999 Tres locos Pablo Romero
1999 La última parada (lo peor de todo) Ricardo Alvarez Solla
1999 El sotano Hugo Stuven Casasnovas
1999 Llamaba para despedirme Manuel Feijóo
1998 Perdón, perdón Manuel Ríos San Martín
1998 Fiebre Roberto Berrío

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