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Nadezhda Kehayova (Bulgarian: Надежда Кехайова) is a Bulgarian journalist and television producer.


Nadezhda Kehayova has graduated literature in The University of Plovdiv (2006). She had published numerous articles and critiques in newspapers and magazines in Bulgaria (Standart News, Capital, Douma, Bulgaria plus, Happy weekend, etc.). She had worked for news agencies, Bulgarian National Television. For 6 years she had been an executive producer of the oldest TV game in Bulgaria “Minuta e mnogo” (A minute is too much), Bulgarian National Television and of the radio game “Za edin chas” (For one hour), Bulgarian National Radio. She founded advertising and film production company TV Entertainment since 2006. Nadezhda Kehayova is an screenwriter and producer of many documentaries, including “Europe for us,” 2004, what has the biggest prize of The Bulgarian Europe festival. She has 8 awards for journalism and two as a producer and author of the web site “A minute is too much.”