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Nadia Bouras (born 1981, Amsterdam, The Netherlands) is a Dutch historian of Moroccan descent.[1]

She graduated in history at the Free University of Amsterdam. In 2012 she published her Ph.D.-thesis, Het Land van Herkomst, Perspectieven op verbondenheid met Marokko, 1960-2010, (The Country of Origin, Perspectives on Alliance with Morocco, 1960-2010). She is one of four Moroccan Dutch members of the "Conseil de la Communauté Marocaine à l'Étranger" (Assembly of Overseas Moroccan Community Council) or CCME.[2] In celebration of the 40th anniversary of the treaty allowing mass-recruitment of Moroccans for Dutch industries, Bouras (together with Annemarie Cottaar and Fatiha Laouikili) has written a book entitled "Marokkanen in Nederlands: de pioniers vertellen" (Moroccans in The Netherlands: the pioneers tell, ed. Meulenhof 2009). The book deals with the history of arrival, settlement and integration of Moroccans in Dutch society.[3]


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