Nagar Kovil

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Nagar Kovil
Nagar Kovil is located in Northern Province
Nagar Kovil
Nagar Kovil
Coordinates: 9°42′02″N 80°18′31″E / 9.70056°N 80.30861°E / 9.70056; 80.30861
Country Sri Lanka
Province Northern
District Jaffna
DS Division Vadamarachchi East

Nagar Kovil or Nagerkovil or Nakarkovil or Nagarcoil (Tamil: நாகர்கோயில்) is a small town in Jaffna District, Sri Lanka. Its name translates to "Temple of Nagas" in Tamil.

There is a town in the Kanyakumari District, Tamil Nadu, India with the same name as Nagarcoil.

On September 22, 1995, a school was bombed by the Sri Lankan Air Force, killing 39.

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Coordinates: 9°42′02″N 80°18′31″E / 9.700519°N 80.308658°E / 9.700519; 80.308658