Nahla (name)

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Word/nameMultiple (Arabic, African, etc)
Meaning"first drink of water" (Arabic) , "Successful" (African languages) , "Sweet/Fruity" (Latinx usage)
Other names
Related namesNala, Nalo, Nahlo

Nahla is female given name of multiple cultural origins.

Nahla is of Arabic origin meaning first drink of water. Also water in the desert. In African languages meaning successful. In Sanskrit meaning stem, hollow reed. In certain Latin cultures the name relates to fruit or sweetness.

Another variant is Nala.

Nala is sometimes listed as being a feminine name of African origin and meaning "beloved". This might come from the name Nalo, which is a name of West African origin meaning "beloved daughter". A descendant of the Arabic, "Naħla" means Bee in the Maltese language.

List of people with the given name Nahla[edit]


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