Najmadeen Mala

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Najmadeen Mala
Statue of Kurdish writer Najmadeen Mala in Sulaymaniyah, Kurdistan, Iraq.jpg
A bust of Najmadeen Mala in Iraqi Kurdistan
Born 1898
Died 23 April 1962(1962-04-23) (aged 63–64)
Occupation Writer, teacher, journalist
Nationality Kurdish
Period 20th century

Najmadeen Mala (1898 in Sulaymaniyah – 23 April 1962 in Sulaymaniyah) was a Kurdish writer, journalist and teacher. Najmadeen was the son of Mullah Ghafur Mullah Ali. He worked in Ranya but moved to Halab in Syria.

Later, he returned to Sulaimani and founded a school, which he ran for 40 years. He also owned a book store.

Literary career[edit]

He had a weekly column called "Child Story" in the newspaper Zheen. He wrote biographies on notable figures and poets. He published more than 90 stories, most of them folkloric.

He wrote several valuable works on Kurdish history and literature. Najmadeen Mala died on 23 April 1962, and was buried on Azmar Mountain in Sulaimani.