Namgwangju Station

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Namgwangju Station
GMRT Namgwangju Station.jpg
Korean name
Hangul 광주
Hanja 光州
Revised Romanization Namgwangjuyeok
McCune–Reischauer Namkwangjuyŏk
General information
Coordinates 35°8′21.79″N 126°55′22.34″E / 35.1393861°N 126.9228722°E / 35.1393861; 126.9228722Coordinates: 35°8′21.79″N 126°55′22.34″E / 35.1393861°N 126.9228722°E / 35.1393861; 126.9228722
Operated by Gwangju Metropolitan Rapid Transit Corporation
Platforms 2
Tracks 2
Structure type Underground
Key dates
April 28, 2004 opened

Namgwangju Station ("South Gwangju Station") is a station on Gwangju Metro Line 1, located at Hak-dong 994 in Dong-gu, Gwangju, South Korea. It opened for service on April 28, 2004.

It lies at the site of the former Korail Namgwangju Station, which had opened as Singwangju Station in 1936 and been renamed Namgwangju in 1938. That station was closed in 2000 as part of the realignment of the Gyeongjeon Line.[1]


Namgwangju is historically a transportation hub and the gateway to southern Gwangju and Hwasun-gun (county), including the routes to Jeungsimsa Temple and Mudeungsan. The station serves the commercial district surrounding the South Gwangju General Market (Namgwangju Market), which opened in 1975 to serve the Yeosu, Boseong, and Jangheung areas.[1]

Traffic in this area tends to be jammed during rush hours as educational institutions, including Jeonnam Medical School, Chosun University, and Chosun College of Nursing; and governmental and public offices such as the Military Manpower Administration and the Dong-gu government office; are clustered around this station.[1]

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