Namihaya Dome

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Namihaya Dome
Namihaya-Dome (1).jpg
Building information
Full name Osaka Prefectural Kadoma Sports Center
City Kadoma, Osaka
Capacity 6,000
Opened 1996

Namihaya Dome (なみはやドーム Namihaya Dōmu?) is an indoor sporting arena located in Kadoma city in the Osaka Prefecture of Japan.

Construction was completed in early 1996. The primary architect was Mamoru Kawaguchi, founder of the firm Kawaguchi & Engineers.[1] The dome is composed largely of reinforced concrete and steel frames and covers an area of approximately 25,000 m2.[2] Inside is a main competition arena plus a separate swimming pool, training room, multipurpose hall, conference rooms and Restaurant Namihaya. The main arena has 6,000 fixed seats with a possible capacity for 10,000 people. There is a large screen display and a large electrical score screen.

Main Arena uses[edit]

The purpose of the arena changes with the seasons.

  • In summer the arena has a swimming pool, 50 m by 25.5 m, where the depth can be changed due to a movable floor. The diving pool, 25 m by 25 m, with three diving platforms and five springboards, also has a movable floor.
  • In winter the arena has ice skating rinks. The main rink is 60 m by 30 m, and a sub rink is 18 m by 30 m.
  • In autumn and spring the arena is transformed to a gymnasium where sporting competitions, exhibitions and conferences are held.[3]

Sporting events[edit]


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