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Nan Aspinwall

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Nan J. Aspinwall

Nan Jeanne Aspinwall Gable Lambell (February 2, 1880 in New York – October 24, 1964)[1] was the first woman to ride on horseback across North America alone.[2] She rode from San Francisco to New York from September 1, 1910, arriving on July 8, 1911[3] on a bet from Buffalo Bill, whose Wild West show she performed in with her husband.[4][5] She rode her Thoroughbred mare, Lady Ellen, on the journey.[1]

She was born in New York under the name Nan Jeanne Aspinwall.[1] She performed as an oriental dancer as well as a horsewoman, sharpshooter, and roper.[4] She also had a vaudeville act with her husband.[4]


The actress Penny Edwards appeared as Nan Gable in the 1958 episode, "Two-Gun Nan," of the syndicated anthology series, Death Valley Days. In the story line, sharpshooter Nan, affiliated with William F. Cody's Wild West Show, sets out on a daring thoroughbred horse ride from San Francisco to New York City to prove that a woman could undertake such a task, which required 180 days. Robert "Buzz" Henry (1931-1971) played her husband, Frank Gable, and William O'Neal (1898-1961) was cast as Cody. Still living in 1958, Nan Gable appeared with series host Stanley Andrews at the conclusion of the episode.[6]

Two Gun Nan aged 78

A book about her life was published in 2007.


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