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Nancy Camille Taylor-Rosenberg (July 9, 1946 in Dallas, TX - October 3, 2017 in Las Vegas, NV)[1] was an American writer. She attended school at Gulf Parnd resided last in Las Vegas.

Her first novel, Mitigating Circumstances, was published in 1993, and the film rights were obtained by Academy Award winning director, Jonathan Demme. Rosenberg novels have been translated into many languages. The majority of her novels have been New York Times bestsellers.[2]

Rosenberg is also known for her philanthropic efforts. She received national acclaim for her writing program for inner city youth called "Voice of Tomorrow". The Board of Supervisors of Orange County voted her "A Woman of Excellence, Learning for Life" in 1994. She was featured on Prime Time Live and in People magazine for her adoption of a child with a rare, terminal illness called MMA. A physician in France who saw the Prime Time Live episode claimed he was curing MMA patients with liver transplants. At the time, the child Rosenberg adopted, Janelle Garcia, was the oldest living survivor with MMA. No one had previously lived past the age of eighteen. Janelle received both a kidney and liver transplant and is now in her early thirties, giving hope to future generations of children suffering from MMA.


Probation Officer Carolyn Sullivan

Lily Forrester (ADA, later Judge)


  • Interest of Justice (1993)
  • First Offense (1994)
  • Trial by Fire (1995)
  • California Angel (1995)
  • Abuse of Power (1997)
  • Conflict of Interest (2002)


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