Nanfadima Magassouba

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Nanfadima Magassouba
OccupationWomen's rights activist Edit this on Wikidata

Nanfadima Magassouba is a Guinean women's rights activist and politician. She was head of the National Coalition of Guinea for the Rights and Citizenship of Women (CONAG-DCF),[1] and since 2013 has been a member of Guinea's National Assembly.


Magassoubawas was born in Koundara Prefecture.[2] Though she has worked with trade unions and community groups for three decades, she came to wider recognition as president of CONAG-DCF. Under Magassouba's leadership, CONAG gained national status as the leadig women's rights organization, and was recognized as an advisory group to the United Nations.[3]

In the 2013 election she was elected a member of the National Assembly for the Rally of the Guinean People (RPG). She has been Minister of National Solidarity, and Promotion of Women and Children in Guinea.[4] Credited with ensuring Alpha Condé's victory in Koundara in the 2015 Guinean presidential election,[5] Magassoubawas continued to be a visible RPG campaigner in Koundara.[6] In June 2016 she was appointed to succeed Mamady Diawara as chairman of the delegations commission of the RPG Rainbow Alliance.[7]

In May 2017 Magassouba participated in the 4th Forum for African Political Leaders at Yale University.[8]

Magassoubawas served as president of the network of women parliamentarians,[7] before being succeeded in July 2016 by Fatoumata Binta Diallo of the Union of Democratic Forces of Guinea. As a woman parliamentarian, she was voiced their opposition to the legalization of polygamy in Guinea. On December 29 2018, along with all 26 women members of parliament,[9] Magassouba refused to vote for the revisions to the Civil Code which legalized polygamy,[10] which had been banned since 1968:

Our mothers, aunts and grandmothers fought hard for this ban. There is no question of going back on these achievements. We want to move forward.


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