Napoléon Alexandre Berthier, 2nd Prince of Wagram

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The prince de Wagram and his daughter Malcy by Winterhalter.

Napoléon Alexandre Louis Joseph Berthier, 2nd Prince of Wagram (11 September 1810, Paris – 10 February 1887, Paris) was a French politician and nobleman. Son of Louis-Alexandre Berthier, 1st Prince of Wagram, and Duchess Maria Elisabeth in Bavaria (and by his mother, grandnephew of King Maximilian I of Bavaria).

Marriage and Family[edit]

On 29 June 1831, he married Zénaïde Françoise Clary (25 November 1812, Paris - 27 April 1884, Paris). She was the daughter of Nicolas Joseph Clary and Malcy Anne Jeanne Rougier.

They had three children:

  • Malcy Louise Caroline Frédérique Berthier, Princess of Walgram (1832-1884)
  • Elisabeth Alexandrine Maria Berthier, Princess of Wagram (1849-1932)


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