Naresh Dalal

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Dr. Naresh Dalal
Occupation Physical Chemist
Known for

Synthesizer of Fe8

Fellow, American Physical Society (2000)

2007 Southern Chemist Award from Memphis Section of American Chemical Society

2010 Silver Medal for Physics/Materials Science from International Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Society

Fellow, American Chemical Society (2010)

Dr. Naresh Dalal is an academic physical chemist who specializes in materials science. He is the Dirac Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry at Florida State University, where he is affiliated with the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory. Dalal has synthesized a substance known as Fe8, one of the strongest magnets known, to make new kinds of medical imaging possible.

He has written or co-written more than 400 publications for peer-reviewed journals[1] that have been cited more than 7,000 times. He is the co-principal investigator on a National Science Foundation grant award[2] investigating photoresponsive molecules that can translate the action of heat, pressure, or light irradiation into substantial changes in the magnetic and structural properties of materials.

Dalal's research group focuses on:

Dalal received Florida State University's highest faculty honor when he was named the 2012-2013 Robert O. Lawton Distinguished Professor.[3] The award is named in honor of the late FSU vice president for Academic Affairs Robert O. Lawton. He is the recipient of the 2010 Silver Medal for Physics/Materials Science from the International Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Society. [4] In 2007, he received the Florida Chemistry award from the Florida Section of the American Chemical Society,[5] and the Southern Chemist Award from the Memphis Section of the American Chemical Society.

He was named a fellow of the American Physical Society and 2000, and was elevated to the rank of ACS fellow in 2010. ASC fellows constitute just 0.2 percent of the society's overall membership.


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