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The Tamil book Nankudi Velir Varalaru comprising 1035 poems and written by Arumuga Nayinar Pillai, which was published in 1920 by Sri S.Vala Subramaniya Pillai of Sivakalai at his own cost,throws light on the Tamil history. This book speaks about the family hierarchy of Irungovel, a brancqh of the Pandyan rulers for 201 generations. This book follows the Kali calendar and narrates the history from 3100 BC to 1944, hence helps in fixing the date of various rulers and their rule.AD.

Since this book is in poet form ,people may not be able to understand the contents and sri.R.Vaiyaapuri,M.A, ,Professor,Santhalinga Adikalar College of Tamil,Perur,Coimbatore wrote a prose on these poems .

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Pandyan Dynasty[edit]

113 year pact between Three Tamil Emperors[edit]

Imayavaramban Neduncheralathan, Karungai Olvat Perumvazhuthi and Deva Pandian (70th) jointly signed the declaration of unity that lasted for 113 years. This Treaty of Tamil Unity stood as a rock protecting Tamil lands from Northern invaders. In the final years of the unity era during 200 BC, in the Chozha Emperor Karikalan II’s court poet Mudathamakanniyar who wrote Porunaratrupadai witnessed the rare scene of three Tamil Emperors sharing same dais which she records in her Porunaratrupadai [53-55]. Poet Kumattor Kannanar who wrote the second ten in Pathitru Pathu also records the historical meeting of Three Tamil Emperors for which he stands as eyewitness. Later in 42 BC, poet Avvaiyar also had the luck to see Three Tamil Emperors together in a rare scene of Unity among Tamils. That unity did not last.

Chera emperors[edit]

Chozha emperors[edit]

Basing the Tamil epic Perumkathai, a historical note is hidden in the poem414 of Narkudi Vellalar Varalaru. It says in B.C 701 a Tamil King Udayanan defeated the Aryans and ruled North India. If he had continued to rule or if he had not succumbed to the submissive Aryan pretenders,

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