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Nasim Khaksar is an Iranian writer who fled Iran to live in the Netherlands.


Nasim Khaksar was born on January 1, 1944 the southern city of Abadan. Upon receiving his teaching certification from colleges in Esfahan and Hamadan, he taught in villages in the Abadan and Boir Ahamdi region of southern Iran until his arrest for political activity in 1968. He was in prison for 8 years. Khaksar began writing fiction in 1966. He writes short stories, novels, plays, poetry, criticism, and travel literature. Among his works, two collections of his short stories, The Grocer of Kharzeville and Between Two Doors, have been translated and published in Dutch as well as his novel Windmills and Lashes. A collection of his plays, Under the Roof and an account of his travels to Tajikistan also translated and published in Dutch in the Netherlands. Beside those, a number of his stories, plays and articles have been translated into German, English, French and Swedish. Obliged to leave Iran after the revolution, Nasim Khaksar currently lives in the Netherlands. Since he began his life in exile, he has been an articulate voice for the experiences of millions Iranians who had to adjust to life in unfamiliar lands. He has been particularly adept at demonstrating the feelings of disassociation, loss of language, and the inability to express oneself and one's feelings that accompany the experience of exile. Books published in Dutch 1-De Kruidenier van Kharzavil ( Verhalen) Story 2-Reis naar Tadzijkistan ( Reis Verhaal) Travel book 3-Weerhanen en Zeepslagen ( Roman) 4-Tussen twee deuren ( Verhalen) Story 5- Onder Dak, Sterren op aarde, De laatste Brief( Toneelteksten) Play


Books published in Iran[edit]

  • 1970 "Let us read together”
  • 1973 " I know the children love for spring to come”
  • 1979 " the Embryo" collection of short stories
  • 1979 "if people would love each other”
  • 1980 "The Bread and the Flower" collection of short stories
  • 1981 "Tree, Road, Kid" collection of poems.
  • 1981 "Steps to be taken". Novel
  • 1982 "The Little Intellectual". Collection of short stories.
  • 1983 "I Love Peace" Story for Children

Books published in Europe[edit]

  • 1987 "The Men of Yesterday" Interrelated Stories
  • 1987 "Three Plays”
  • 1988 "The Grocer of Kharzavil" collection of short stories about exile.
  • 1988 "The Love of Hadj Agha" Collection of Short stories
  • 1989 "The story of the winding alley and the four old women". Story for the children.
  • 1989 "Elegy for a friend" Collection of poems
  • 1989 "The last letter" . Play
  • 1990 "The Cage of Jahan Khanom's Parot" . Novel
  • 1991 "The Changing Voice" . Collection of reviews, articles and lectures on art and literature.
  • 1994 "Journey to Tajikistan" . Travel journal
  • 1996 "Gazelles in the Snow" . Collection of short stories.
  • 1996 "Weatherscoks and Whips" . Novel

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