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Nastja is a given name used in Russia and Russia-influenced countries. It is a diminutive form of the Greek name Anastasia. Other forms include Nastya, Nastia. Although historically the name has been feminine, in Slovenia, Nastja is a unisex name.

Nastja, Nastia, Nastya, or Nasťa may refer to:

  • Nastja Čeh (1978–), Slovenian footballer
  • Nastia Liukin (1989–), Russian-American Olympic gymnast
  • Nastya Kamenskih (1987–), Ukrainian singer
  • Nastja Kolar (1994–), Slovenian tennis player
  • Nastya Ryzhikh (1977–), Russian-German pole vaulter whose name was Germanised to Anastasija Reiberger when she became a German citizen