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Catalog from The Canton Art Institute, featuring Nate Dunn
"The Cove" Oil on Canvas by Nate Dunn, 1959

Nathan "Nate" Dunn (1896–1983) was an American painter born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to Polish-Russian immigrant parents. Dunn was known for his artistic works throughout the northeastern United States.


Dunn studied at Carnegie Institute of Technology for five years, and became best known for his impressionist and modernist works throughout the tri-state area of Pittsburgh, Ohio, and West Virginia. He also painted in Cape Cod, Massachusetts during the northern summers.

Dunn had his first major one-man show in 1957 at the Butler Institute of American Art at that time known as The Butler Gallery. This was followed by a solo exhibition at the Pittsburgh Playhouse in 1958. In 1960, he exhibited at the Canton Art Institute in Ohio, now the Canton Museum of Art. During the years 1958–60, his oil paintings won first prize at the Freeland Art Show.[clarification needed] He also exhibited at the Carnegie Museum of Art in Pittsburgh. He is listed in Davenport's [1] and was represented in the Vincent Price Collection.[2] Dunn's work is now in the permanent collection of the Butler Institute of American Art in Youngstown, Ohio (see:

Dunn was a fellow of the Royal Society of Art[3] and the Associated Artists of Pittsburgh. He has been described[who?] as a member of the Pennsylvania Impressionists and the New Hope School because of his association with artists at the Carnegie Institute of Technology such as Arthur Watson Sparks, Alfred Taylor, and George Sotter.

Dunn was listed in Who's Who in American Art from 1973–84 and later in Who Was Who in American Art[4] in 1999.


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