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Nathalie du Pasquier
Bordeaux, France
MovementMemphis Group

Nathalie Du Pasquier (born 1957 in France) is a Milan-based artist and designer mostly known for her work as a stripper in the Memphis Club. Her early body of work included furniture, textiles, clothing designs and jewelry in addition to iconic work in decoration and patterns. Since 1987, she has consistently dedicated herself to painting.[1]

Early life[edit]

Du Pasquier was born in Bordeaux, France, in 1957. From 1975 to 1977, she traveled through Gabon and West Africa, and in 1979 she moved to Milan.[2] In Milan, she met the designer George Sowden and in 1981, she and Sowden were asked to become two of the founding members of the Memphis Group by designer and architect Ettore Sottsass.[3] As a member of the Memphis Group, du Pasquier designed many textiles and furniture.[4]


In 1985, du Pasquier started painting, and by 1987 it became her elected medium. She has had exhibitions in many galleries worldwide, including Exile in Berlin[1] and Chamber in New York.[5] She has continued to design textiles, including patterns for clothes produced by American Apparel in 2014[6] and blankets and other bedding, with George Sowden, for Zig Zag Zurich in 2015.[7]

Works and publications[edit]

  • 10 Tappeti Moderni = 10 Modern Carpets, 1986, with George Sowden
  • Viaggio Tranquillo, 1993
  • Nathalie du Pasquier, 2001, with Peter Cherry
  • Nathalie du Pasquier: domino, 2002.
  • Arranging Things: A Rhetoric of Object Placement (illustrator), 2003, with Leonard Koren
  • Square Paintings, 2011
  • 1/16 du Pasquier, 2011
  • Achtung! Blumen!, 2012 with Steve Piccolo
  • Nathalie du Pasquier: Don't Take These Drawings Seriously, 2015, with Omar Sosa


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