Nathan Gaunt

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Nathan Gaunt
Nathan Gaunt in 2006
Nathan Gaunt in 2006
Background information
OriginAustralia Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia, Perth, Western Australia
GenresRock, folk rock, folk pop, blues
Occupation(s)Singer-songwriter, musician
InstrumentsVocals, multi-instrumentalist, guitar, lap steel, pedal steel, bass, piano, Hammond

Nathan Gaunt is an award-winning Australian singer-songwriter. His debut EP, Nothingwomb, was released in 1999. His style is an eclectic mix of rock, pop, blues, and folk. Along with vocals, Gaunt plays a variety of instruments including the guitar and piano.

Early life[edit]

Gaunt was born in Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia. His family moved to Alice Springs in the Central Australian desert and later settled in the isolated city of Perth, Western Australia, where he was influenced by the diverse music scene that produced INXS, The Sleepy Jackson and Eskimo Joe.[1]

Music career[edit]

According to Gaunt, the first musical instrument he played was the piano. He picked up his first guitar after seeing Jimi Hendrix play on late night TV.[2]

Since 1999, Gaunt has released four EPs and four albums, including the critically acclaimed Headlights on the Hills. 2004's Escape and Return, which Gaunt co-produced with internationally acclaimed producer/engineer Jeremy Allom (who has worked with David Bowie, Massive Attack and The Pretenders), contained the single Come Home which is his most recognised song to date.[3] His most recent album is Halcyon Dazed which the Sydney Morning Herald said "channels the best of trip-hop, prog and alt-rock, soaring like some lost track from Radiohead's OK Computer." Regarding Gaunt, the newspaper also remarked that "Neil Finn might have some competition when it comes to crafting sadly beautiful valentines."[4]

Gaunt has won a number of awards from the West Australian Music Industry Association (known as WAMi's), including "Best Male Vocalist" and "Best Guitarist."

He toured the United States for the first time in late 2007, with shows in Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Philadelphia and Washington, DC.[5]


  • 1997: Orpheus (EP with Thrive)
  • 1999: Nothingwomb (EP)
  • 2000: Circledreams (Album)
  • 2001: Fly (EP)
  • 2002: Free Your Mind (EP)
  • 2003: Come Home (EP)
  • 2004: Escape and Return (Album)
  • 2005: Blue Jean Baby (EP)
  • 2006: Headlights on the Hills (Album)
  • 2007: Halcyon Dazed (Album)
  • 2008: See Ya Later Space Cowboy (Album)






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