Nathaniel B. Palmer (icebreaker)

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Antarctica Nathaniel B Palmer.jpg
Icebreaker Nathaniel B. Palmer, serving the National Science Foundation.
Flag of the United States.svgUnited States
NameR/V Nathaniel B. Palmer
NamesakeNathaniel Palmer
OwnerOffshore Service Vessels LLC
OperatorLockheed Martin Antarctic Support Contract
BuilderNorth American Ship Building
Yard number137[1]
In service1992
HomeportPunta Arenas, Patagonia
StatusIn service
General characteristics
Class and typeABS A1, AMS, E, ACC
TypeResearch vessel
Tonnage6,174 GT
Length94 m (308 ft)
Beam18.3 m (60 ft)
Draft6.8 m (22 ft)
Depth9.1 m (30 ft)
Ice classA2
Installed power4 x Caterpillar 3608
Endurance65 days
Aircraft carriedhelicopter

The Nathaniel B. Palmer is an ice-capable research ship owned by Offshore Service Vessels LLC, operated by Edison Chouest Offshore, Inc. and chartered by the United States National Science Foundation. The Nathaniel B. Palmer is tasked with extended scientific missions in the Antarctic.[2][3] The Nathaniel B. Palmer was purpose-built for and delivered to the NSF by Edison Chouest Offshore's North American Shipbuilding facility in 1992. The Nathaniel B. Palmer is able to support up to two helicopters, accommodates up to 45 science and technical personnel, has a crew of 22 and is capable of missions lasting up to 65 days. The vessel is named after merchant mariner and ship builder Nathaniel Brown Palmer, credited by some historians as the first American to see Antarctica.[2]

In February 2020, researchers aboard the vessel with the international Thwaites Glacier Offshore Research (THOR) project discovered Sif Island, located in Pine Island Bay of the Amundsen Sea, in Antarctica.[4][5]



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