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Nathaniel Batts Deed, 1660

Nathaniel Batts (1620–1679) was a fur trader. He became the first recorded European to permanently settle in North Carolina in 1655. His deed from King Kiscutanewh for "all ye Land on ye southwest side of Pascotanck River from ye mouth of ye sd. River to ye head of new Begin Creek" was witnessed by George Durant in September, 1660.

Later he purchased an island in Albemarle Sound near the mouth of the Yeopim River that became known as Batts Island. Some charts refer to the island as Batts Grave since he lived a solitary life on the island and was buried there.

The island eroded through the years and was totally destroyed by a hurricane in 1950. Nathaniel Batts had a close friendship with Kickowanna, the daughter of an Algonquian Chief. Quaker missionary, George Fox, noted that Nathaniel Batts "hath been a Rude, desperate man." In his later years, Nathaniel spent more time with Native Americans than he did with other European settlers.

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