Nathaniel Pettit

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Nathaniel Pettit
Born (1724-06-12)June 12, 1724
Sussex County, New Jersey
Died March 9, 1803(1803-03-09) (aged 78)
Ancaster, Ontario
Occupation Judge, Member of 1st Parliament of Upper Canada

Nathaniel Pettit (June 12, 1724 – March 9, 1803) was a political figure in Upper Canada.

Pettit was born in Sussex County, New Jersey in 1724. In 1766, he was appointed judge in the county's Court of Common Pleas and he was elected to the legislature in 1768. He opposed taxation without representation and joined a committee supporting a boycott of goods imported from Britain. In 1776, after he was fined by the Continental Congress for not paying taxes to them, he joined the Loyalist cause and was imprisoned from April 1777 to May 1778. After being fined and selling his property at a loss, he was released. In 1787, he moved to the Niagara region, now southwestern Ontario, where he received a grant of land.

He was appointed to the Court of Common Pleas and the land board of the Nassau District in 1788 and the land board of Lincoln County in 1792. He became justice of the peace in 1789.

In 1792, he was elected to the 1st Parliament of Upper Canada representing Durham, York and the 1st riding of Lincoln.

He died in 1803 at Ancaster, Ontario.

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