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The National Association of Muslim Lawyers (NAML) is an American lawyers' not-for-profit organization headquartered in Washington, DC. It was originally known as MuslimJD when it began in 1996 as an informal e-mail discussion group. It took the NAML name in 2000 after two successful conferences. Today it is the largest and most influential Muslim attorney's group in the United States.

The organization holds yearly conferences in different locations throughout the United States. Its stated mission is to serve Muslims, the general public and the legal profession by promoting justice for all peoples and to promote improvements in American laws and the American system of justice. It promotes meaningful access to legal representation for Muslims, and in turn to promote full, fair and equal participation by Muslims in American society overall through integration and involvement with the American judicial system. [1]

Farhana Khera was named the first President and Executive Director in 2005. Soon after NAML launched its sister charitable organization, Muslim Advocates, and formed a strategic partnership with the National Muslim Law Student Association.

Muslim Advocates[edit]

NAML announced the expansion of its advocacy and educational operations to serve the needs of the Muslim American community in 2005 when it launched a new charitable sister organization, Muslim Advocates. Muslim Advocates’ mission is to promote equality, liberty, and justice for all by providing leadership through legal advocacy, policy engagement, and civic education, and by serving as a legal resource to promote the full and meaningful participation of Muslims in American public life. Muslim Advocates is a public, tax-exempt charity under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.[1]



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