National Collegiate Open Wrestling Championship

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National Collegiate Open Wrestling Championship
Genre NCAA Collegiate Folkstyle Wrestling
Country USA
Years active 2009–present
Established 2008
Most recent 2013 Richmond, Virginia (hosted by Virginia Wrestling Association)
Management Wexvar LLC

The National Collegiate Open Wrestling Championship is a collegiate wrestling event that serves as a post season championship for NCAA Division-I athletes that are not wrestling in their conference championship. The event is traditionally known for the redshirting wrestlers entered[1] but often includes accomplished and seasoned wrestlers that were unable to make their program's starting line-up.[2]

Expansion into Divisions[edit]

Starting with the 2013 Championship in Richmond, Virginia, the National Collegiate Open will split NCAA Division-I athletes from the rest of the field. The Division-I division is called the University Division while the College Division will serve the athletes from the other NCAA divisions, as well as NAIA, USCAA, and NJCAA.


Though the National Collegiate Open is attended by the majority of the NCAA Division-I wrestling programs, the event has been criticised for having a field that has too many athletes from the east coast, absent of some of the strongest college wrestling programs. The 2011 season brought more legitimacy when the University of Missouri and the University of Oklahoma attended for the first time but the claim has been made, by some in the wrestling community, that the event will not be a true national event until the three most storied programs (University of Iowa, Oklahoma State University, and University of Minnesota) decide to attend. Note: University of Minnesota attended the 2012 event.

Most NCO Champions at single Championship[edit]

Team Year Champions
Rutgers University 2011 3
University of Minnesota 2012 3
Cornell University 2012 2
Kent State University 2009 2
University of Minnesota 2012 2
Pennsylvania State University 2010 2
Virginia Tech 2012 2


Most NCO All-Americans at single Championship[edit]

Team Year All-Americans
Kent State University 2009 8
Lehigh University 2010 7
Rutgers University 2011 7
Old Dominion University 2012 7
Central Michigan University 2010 6
Indiana University 2009 6
Purdue University 2012 6
University of Maryland 2010 6


All-Time NCO Individual Championships by School[edit]

Team Champions
University of Minnesota 3
Kent State University 2
Rutgers University 3
Cornell University 3
Indiana University 1
University of Maryland 1
Cal Poly 1
American University 1
Hofstra University 1
United States Naval Academy 1
West Virginia University 2
Pennsylvania State University 4
Lehigh University 2
Virginia Tech 2
Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania 1
University of Virginia 1
The Ohio State University 1
Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania 1
Eastern Michigan University 1
University of Pittsburgh 1
University of Michigan 1
Michigan State University 1



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