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The National Harmonica League is a UK based organisation for harmonica players and enthusiasts of all styles of harmonica – chromatic, diatonic, tremolo, chord, bass – and music – traditional, blues, popular, jazz and classical. It has been active since 1935.

It is a Registered Charity (England & Wales), and its current President is Paul Jones. Previous Presidents include Larry Adler and Ronald Chesney.

The current Chairman is Ben Hewlett. Previous Chairmen include Roger Trobridge, Colin Mort and John Walton. It is based in Great Britain, but has members and contributors from around the world.

It welcomes players of all levels, including beginners, and it can help with questions about getting started or improving your playing ability.

It organises festivals, events and tuition meetings. The main annual festival is currently held in October, in The Bristol Folk House. It includes workshops, concerts and a harmonica contest which has been won by many players who went on to play professionally, including Philip Achille. The Saturday Evening Festival Concerts features top artists from around the world – Joe Filisko, Brendan Power, Willi Berger, Greg Slap, Lee Oskar, Will Galison, Donald Black... Other festivals are held throughout the year.

It publishes a well respected magazine, Harmonica World, which is sent to members six times a year.

Membership is open to anyone, anywhere, and this can be done via the web site, see links below.


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