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The National Limousine Association (NLA) is a voluntary, non-profit, tax-exempt organization founded in 1985, dedicated to representing and furthering the worldwide, national, state and local interests of the luxury chauffeured ground transportation industry.[1] NLA's members include limousine owners and operators, suppliers, manufacturers, and regional and state limousine associations.

Sarah Gazi is the association's executive director since April 2015.

The NLA is an official partner of UNICEF USA.[2]

Ride Responsibly[edit]

Ride Responsibly is an initiative started in February 2015 by the NLA[3] to inform the public in an effort to ensure safer ground transportation. The campaign aims to bridge an industry-wide gap between the rights of passengers and the responsibility of service providers. The campaign establishes best safety practices for prearranged car services and transportation network companies (TNCs), which include ride-hailing app car services.[4]


  • 1985: The National Limousine Association is incorporated on March 15.
  • 1987: NLA hires Wayne Smith & Company as its first management company.
  • 1989: NLA and LCT Magazine agree to co-manage an industry trade show.
  • 1991: NLA and LCT sign first formal written agreement to co-manage trade show and share profits.
  • 1997: The "NLA Charity Fund" changes to the "Harold Berkman Memorial Fund" after a vote from the NLA Board.
  • 1998: Wayne Smith and Company is sold to Host Communications who assumes management role of the NLA.
  • 2001: Bobit Business Media is hired as the management company of the NLA. At this time, the NLA has 500 members and $70,000 in assets.
  • 2011: The NLA reaches over 2,000 members and $1,000,000 in assets.
  • 2014: The NLA Board unanimously approves the hiring of EVINS Communications, the NLA's public relations firm.

Board of Directors[5][edit]

Name Position
Gary Buffo President
Laura Canady First Vice President
Joe Ironi Second Vice President
Robert Alexander Treasurer
Scott Solombrino Secretary
Michael Campbell Technology & Social Media Committee Co-Chair
Javaid Chaudhry
Jeff Greene Association Liaison Committee Co-Chair
Diane Forgy Show Committee Co-Chair
Kevin Illingworth Bylaw Committee Co-Chair
Jason Kaplan
Michael Oldenburg International Committee Co-Chair
Steve Qua Nominating Committee Co-Chair
Christopher Quinn Bylaws Committee Co-Chair

Political Action Committee Co-Chair

Eric Reindl Nominating Committee Co-Chair
Douglas Schwarz Show Committee Co-Chair

Technology & Social Media Co-Chair

Ron Stein Charity Fundraising Committee Co-Chair

Membership Committee Co-Chair

Andy Thompson Association Liaison Committee Co-Chair
Ray Bush Vendor Director
Craig Hall Vendor Director


Committee Mission Co-Chair Co-Chair
Association Liaison Provide support to local groups to strengthen their own memberships; serve as conduit between associations Jeff Greene Andy Thompson
Bylaw Ensure NLA rules are followed; recommend changes as needed; oversee bylaw amendment process Kevin Illingworth Richard Kane
Charity Fundraising Raise funds for NLA philanthropic arm Harold Berkman Memorial Fund Robert Alexander Ron Stein
Finance Ensure sound financial standing and long-term stability of NLA Robert Alexander
International Identify and address issues and concerns of non-U.S. members Joe Ironi Michael Oldenburg
Legislative Foster proactive government relations program; protect members from harmful regulation and legislation; guide lobbyist(s) engaged to represent NLA interests Richard Kane Scott Solombrino
Management Oversight Monitor performance of NLA’s management company; negotiate new agreements with management company and other service providers Joe Ironi Dawson Rutter
Membership Increase NLA membership overall; maximize value of NLA membership Laura Canady Ron Stein
Nominating Recruit qualified candidates to serve on NLA Board of Directors; oversee NLA annual election of board members Stephen Qua Erich Reindl
Political Action Raise funds from membership to support NLA legislative and regulatory goals in the U.S. Christopher Quinn Dawson Rutter
Public Relations Robert Alexander Scott Solombrino
Scholarship Implement program for new operators to attend International LCT Show Kevin Illingworth Andy Thompson
Show Guarantee International LCT Show and other NLA-sponsored programs are highly valuable for attendees Diane Forgy Douglas Schwartz
Sponsorship Cultivate and secure sponsor relationships; ensure highest value return to sponsors and NLA Laura Canady Erich Reindl
Technology & Social Media Stimulate full use of available technology and social media to recruit, retain and inform NLA members Michael Campbell Stephen Qua


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