National Relaxation Day

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National Relaxation Day
Observed byUnited States
Date15 August

National Relaxation Day is an annual event on 15 August. It was proposed by nine-year-old Sean Moeller of Clio, Michigan in 1985.[1][2] Moeller’s grandfather, William D. Chase was the founder of Chase’s Calendar of Annual Events

The event is recognised on social media with the hashtag #NationalRelaxationDay – which has been used by a range of public institutions, media organisations and charities such as BBC Earth,[3] the Mental Health Foundation,[4] The New Scientist,[5] Sport England[6] and the US Army.[7] National Relaxation Day has also been utilized by Tommy Bahama for marketing purposes. National Relaxation Day is sometimes confused with National Slacker Day, which was created in Britain as a homage to National Relaxation Day.

Starting in 2016, Moeller recognizes one individual for having a noteworthy proclivity for relaxation. This year, the distinction has been bestowed upon Erin Nukic, who is near and dear to the heart of Moeller.


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