National Wine Agency of Georgia

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The National Wine Agency of Georgia

The National Wine Agency of Georgia (Georgian: ღვინის ეროვნული სააგენტო) is a legal entity of public law under the Ministry of Agriculture of Georgia that was founded in 2014 in accordance with the law on “Vine and Wine".[1][2] The Agency operates in constant contact with the Ministry of Agriculture and relevant state and private companies in the field of wine making.[3][4][5]

Main directions of activity[edit]

  1. Popularizing and raising awareness of Georgian wine;
  2. Promotion of the growth of export potential;
  3. Popularization of Georgian vine origination;
  4. Restoration of the unique and rare Georgian grape varieties;
  5. Creation of a vineyard register;
  6. Popularization of the oldest Georgian traditional methods of kvevri wine making;
  7. Supporting the development of wine tourism.


Responsibilities and Functions of the Agency[edit]

  1. Regulation of viticulture - wine making industry;
  2. Protection of consumer market counterfeiting products;
  3. Monitoring the production and planting of vine mother plantations, grafting materials and grafted seedlings;
  4. Technical and phytosanitary control;
  5. Preparation of proposals and recommendations for functionality and development of the branch;
  6. State control of the appellations of origin of winesand wine brands;
  7. Issuing of certificates of compliance and origin of alcoholic beverages of grape-origin;
  8. Labeling control of grape-origin alcoholic beverages;
  9. Interrelations with national and international organizations in the viticulture-wine making field, plus marketing and promotional activities;
  10. Promotion of the arrangement of alcoholic beverage tasting events, competitions, exhibitions and seminars;
  11. Support of Permanently Acting Degustation Committee at the Agency;
  12. Investigation of administrative infringements within the authority granted by law.



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