Nauruan constitutional referendum, 2010

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A constitutional referendum was held in Nauru on 27 February 2010.[1] Voters were asked to vote on amendments to the constitution, most notably a change to a directly elected president (instead of one chosen by parliament) and a strengthening of human rights legislation (but also a clarification of the distribution of powers and other, less notable amendments).[2] A two-thirds majority was required for the amendments to pass.[3]

The referendum was part of a large-scale constitutional renewal; the referendum had to be held to approve changes to some especially protected parts of the constitution, while other changes were made by simple parliamentary vote. Any changes would only take effect on the day of the next general election, likely in May/June 2011.[3]

Turnout was 78%, with almost 4,400 votes cast; the constitutional changes were rejected by majority of two thirds, almost 3,000 votes.[4][5] It was considered immediately afterwards whether another referendum might be held at a later time.[6]


Nauruan constitutional referendum, 2010
Choice Votes  %
Referendum failed No 2,939 66.96
Yes 1,450 33.04
Valid votes 4,389 98.17
Invalid or blank votes 82 1.83
Total votes 4,471 100.00
Source: Direct Democracy


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