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The hospital on Calliope Road.

The Navy Hospital, historically the Royal New Zealand Navy Hospital (RNZNH) is the hospital of the New Zealand Navy. It is located in Devonport, on Devonport Naval Base in Auckland. The hospital specialises in surgery and hyperbaric treatment.


Founded in 1941 (before, 'sick quarters' facilities had been restricted to two wooden huts), the hospital was constructed (and still remains) on the cliff overlooking the naval base. The hospital expanded in the early 1980s with a new wing, and started hiring civilian staff in the 1990s. Currently (2008), the hospital treats both military and civilian patients, and operates as an accredited part of the New Zealand Health system.[1] It has beds for 25 inpatients.[2]


Hyperbaric Unit[edit]

The hospital is New Zealand's leader in diving and hyperbaric medical training and expertise, as well as having the only North Island facility to treat diving related emergencies, such as decompression sickness ('the bends'). The 'Slark' Hyperbaric Unit is used for both emergency treatment and non-urgent Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) for general medical needs, including use by the public.[3][4]


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