Ndao Island

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Ndao Island
Indonesian: Pulau Ndao
Satellite view of Ndao Island
Location Timor Sea
Coordinates 10°49′S 122°40′E / 10.817°S 122.667°E / -10.817; 122.667
Archipelago Lesser Sunda Islands (Rote Islands)

Ndao is one of the southernmost islands of the Indonesian archipelago. It is part of Lesser Sunda Islands and is located west of the island of Rote Island, 500 km from the coast Australia and 170 km from the Ashmore and Cartier Islands.

Administratively, Ndao forms, together with Rote and neighboring islands, the Rote Ndao Regency after the regency was separated from Kupang province.


Ndao has some areas that are popular for surfing.