Nee Ko Njaa Cha

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Nee Ko Njaa Cha
(Ninnem Kollum Njanum Chavum)
Nee ko nja cha.jpg
Directed byGireesh Mano
Produced bySandip Senan
Written byGireesh Mano
StarringSunny Wayne
Praveen Anidil
Poojitha Menon
Sija Rose
Rohini Mariam Idicula
Parvathy Nair
Music byPrashant Pillai
Gopi Sundar
CinematographyNeil D'Cunha
Edited byManoj
Urvasi Theatres
Release date
  • 4 January 2013 (2013-01-04)
Running time
114 minutes
Box office2.35 crore (US$330,000)

Nee Ko Njaa Cha (acronym of Ninnem Kollum Njaanum Chavum) (English:Kill you, then Kill Myself) is a 2013 Indian Malayalam comedy thriller film written and directed by Gireesh. The story, set in Kochi and Goa, follows the lives of three friends played by Sunny Wayne, Sanju and Praveen Anidil. Poojitha Menon, Sija Rose, Rohini Idiculla and Parvathy Nair form the female leads.[1][2] Shooting was carried out in Goa and some shots in Kochi.


Roshan (Sunny Wayne) is a cosmetic surgeon and a casanova by nature. Abu (Sanju), a budding filmmaker and Joe (Praveen), a TV show producer, are his friends. Joe has just been ditched by his girl friend Ann (Poojitha Menon). A devastated Joe heads over to Goa along with his friends to get over the tragedy that has befallen him. At Goa, Roshan and Abu have a merry time with "spicy girls" Alice (Rohini Mariam Idicula) and Sania (Parvathy Nair), while Joe stalks Ann who has arrived at the beach town as well with her new boy friend Peter (Shani). Meanwhile, Joe falls for Anjali (Sija Rose), a hotel receptionist, and he decides to stay in Goa even after his friends leave for Kochi.

After all the adventure, Roshan and Abu, on their way back to Kochi, receive a phone call from the "spicy girls" informing that one of them is an AIDS patient and by now either Roshan or Abu will be infected. Roshan and Abu return to Goa to know more about the girls but in vain. A few days pass and then they get another call from the spicy girls informing that the infected one is Roshan. They also inform that they did this not out of sadism but was taking revenge on Roshan who had ditched their best friend Anita George who turned into a lunatic after the breakup and committed suicide. Roshan is devastated by the news of his disease. He feels a kind of loneliness.

Once he finds his ex-wife Maya(Merin Mathew) with another man which adds to his feelings. It is shown that Roshan and Maya have been separated since six months after Maya discovers that her husband has been cheating her. When Roshan finds everyone moving away from him, he feels very lonely and decides to commit suicide. However, in the final scene, it is shown that the whole Goa episode was a trap planned by Maya, Abu and the spicy girls to prove Roshan the value of relationship.



The film received mixed to positive reviews upon release. Veeyen of gave the film 2/5 stars rating and said, "Nee Ko Njaa Cha is a scattershot film that throws in a few sex jokes together, hoping to make a point eventually."[3]'s reviewer gave the verdict as "Average" and said that the movie is "for those who are looking for brainless fun." The reviewer was highly critical about the cast performances and was not impressed with the direction or technical expertise.[4] According to EnteCity, which rated the film 3/5 stars, "The first half is a rip-rocker while the 2nd half though slower isn’t bad either leading up to a good unexpected climax. On the whole, it's a good entertainer which is likely to be accepted by the youth."[5]


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