Neeltje Jans

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Neeltje Jans
Oosterscheldekering lucht 1.JPG
Northern section of the flood barrier, with part of Neeltje Jans in the right bottom corner, the partial shoal Roggenplaat in the center
Topographical map of the Oosterscheldedam. Neeltje Jans is the large island structure in the centre.
LocationEastern Scheldt
Coordinates51°37′37″N 3°42′01″E / 51.62694°N 3.70028°E / 51.62694; 3.70028Coordinates: 51°37′37″N 3°42′01″E / 51.62694°N 3.70028°E / 51.62694; 3.70028
Additional information

Neeltje Jans (Dutch pronunciation: [ˈneːlcə jɑns]) is an artificial island in the Netherlands in the province of Zeeland, halfway between Noord-Beveland and Schouwen-Duiveland in the Oosterschelde. It was constructed to facilitate the construction of the Oosterscheldedam.

After the construction, a fun park with attractions and other various expositions were built on the island, which are now connected to the shore through the dam. Another addition of the island is a nature reserve.[1]

The island was named after a nearby sand bank. The name of this sandbank has two possible origins:[2]

  • It could be named after a boat with the name Neeltje Jans, stranded on the sandbank. Neeltje is a Dutch first name (a diminutive from Cornelia or Neelie like in Neelie Kroes). Jans is a familiar surname (meaning a son or daughter of Jan).
  • It could be named after a goddess of the sea, Nehalennia.

The second stage of the 2015 Tour de France finished on Neeltje Jans on 5 July 2015.[3]


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